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Friday Prayer forms collective personality: Iranian Sunni cleric

13 March 2017 9:15


Molavie Kheirollah Yaqoubi, one of the members of the World Forum for proximity of the Islamic Schools of Thought in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) at the side line of the exclusive seminar of “Friday Prayer Leaders”, held leading Friday prayer as an elevated role which can draw attention to Islamic and humane principles.

“Provided that Friday Prayer leader has personality, natural and legal features set by Islamic laws nad regulations, he can have a constructive role in implementing God’s commands and religious instructions,” pointed out the Sunni member of Iran top unity center.

“Playing constructive and efficient role in the society by Friday Prayer leaders requires a series of features, along with  individual and social characteristics,” underscored Molavie Kheirollah Yaqoubi urging religious clerics to acquire these features so as to be well on the way in advancing Islamic  objectives .

Beckoned to the necessity of wisdom and knowledge in guiding people, the member of the World Forum for Proximity of the Islamic Schools of Thought underscored,” it is incumbent upon Friday prayer leaders and religious clerics to be aware of the current events and the standing setbacks Muslims are braving with.”

Sunni cleric demanded religious leaders from all sects and denominations to continue shouldering their duties and responsibility and use any opportunity for boosting unity and solidarity among Muslim nations.

Molavie Kheirollah Yaqoubi counted leadership in this congregational event as the key role noting religious leaders can undoubtedly play telling parts in this divine rituals Muslims nations hold each weak.

“Weekly Friday Prayers should be the axis of unity, faith and spirituality,” pointed out the cleric and stressed that promulgating revolutionary ideas of Islam could occur in this religious and humane gathering of Muslims.

In his line, with rapturous devotion to their duty, Friday prayer leaders and religiosu clerics should do their utmost to offer religious contents and teachings in a verity of ways so as to draw attentions to humane principles.

According to the Sunni cleric, holding the Friday prayer is one of the signs of the unity of the Islamic society and it is necessary to be held congregational.

Considering the political and social content of the sermons, the Friday prayer is a worship which has also a political and social importance.

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