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Anti-Baghdadi Militants Clash with ISIL Forces in Raqqa

14 March 2017 9:15


Tens of ISIL security forces were killed or wounded in clashes with the non-Syrian members of the terrorist group that took part in an unprecedented uprising against ISIL Chief Commander Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in Raqqa city on Northeastern Syria, a local source reported on Monday.

A large group of Tunisian Mohajereen (immigrants) of ISIL took part in anti-Baghdadi protest in Raqqa, the source said, adding that the protest further turned into fierce clashes between the protestors and ISIL’s security forces.

The source who requested anonymity added that one of the Tunisian protestors carried out a suicide operation and detonated himself among a large group of ISIL’s security forces, killing at least 20 of them.

The source said that ISIL forces went on alert after the uprising and started to arrest tens of own members, while a number of anti-Baghdadi protestors escaped Raqqa city.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said on Sunday that hundreds of the family members of ISIL terrorists and commanders escaped from Raqqa to Deir Ezzur and Hama provinces after the terrorist group suffered heavy defeats in clashes with Kurdish fighters in different battlefields.

SOHR reported that over 300 family members of ISIL terrorists and commanders left Raqqa city for Deir Ezzur and Eastern Hama.

SOHR added that the ISIL terrorists’ family members moved towards the Southern banks of the Euphrates River on ferry.

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