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Iraq Denies Deployment of 2,000 US Forces

14 March 2017 9:14


The Iraqi army dismissed reports claiming that the US has sent 2,000 military forces to al-Anbar province.

Iraq’s Joint Operation Command Center in a statement denied the report, saying that the news has been released to divert the public opinion from the Iraqi forces’ great victories in the fight against terrorism.

Earlier reports said that the US has deployed 2,000 forces in al-Anbar province.

Media sources had also disclosed today that the US Army has deployed more forces and military equipment in the countryside of the town of Manbij in Northeastern Aleppo.

The Arabic desk of Sky News reported that Washington has deployed 200 fresh soldiers in al-Asaliyeh village North of Manbij town, adding that the total number of the US soldiers deployed in Manbij now stands at 700.

Other media activists reported that almost 40 military and armored vehicles of the US army have arrived near Manbij

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