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Photos-Mass rally pushes for bringing Abbas to court

14 March 2017 9:28


A mass rally swept Ramallah streets, in the central occupied West Bank, afternoon Monday, calling for bringing the Palestinian Authority (PA)’s zionist President Mahmoud Abbas before court.

Reporting from the scene, a PIC news correspondent said the rally goers spoke out against the aggressions carried out by the PA forces against the Palestinian protesters and called for ceasing all forms of security cooperation with the Israeli occupation.

The demonstrators pushed for prosecuting Abbas and all those involved in crackdowns against Palestinian anti-occupation activists.

Islamic Jihad leader in the West Bank Sheikh Sa’id Nakhla said the PA suppressive policies and monopolization of decision-making are likely to bring about a state of unpredictable turmoil that will turn the de facto situation upside down.

Nakhla added that the investigation committee announced by the PA is only “an anesthesia needle” that aims to “pull the wool over Palestinians’ eyes.”

The Islamic Jihad leader urged the PA to halt security coordination with the Israeli occupation, dubbing it a “gallows on Palestinians’ neck.”

Other Palestinian factions and NGOs condemned, in the strongest terms, the oppressive policies pursued by the PA and crackdowns on the Palestinian protesters in a Sunday rally staged outside the PA courts in protest at the trial of slain anti-occupation youth Basil al-A’raj and his fellows.

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