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Syrian Army retakes large parts of the Qaboun district in Damascus

14 March 2017 12:30


Earlier today, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) secured its single largest advancement in the Al-Qaboun neighborhood since embarking upon a military campaign last month to dislodge insurgents entirely from eastern Damascus.

Led by the 4th Mechanized Division and 105th Brigade of the Republican Guard, government forces captured a large building block area in northeastern Al-Qaboun, seizing control of the Al-Noman, Al-Hussein and Al-Qassem mosques in the process.

At the southeastern axis, the 42nd Brigade of the 4th Mechanized Division captured nearly all buildings around the Al-Khabbaz mosque, leaving Islamist fighters in a dire situation.

Next, the SAA will attempt to seize control of the nearby Electric Grid Station which overlooks most of the Al-Qaboun neighborhood, thereby sealing its fate.

Rebel forces claimed to have conducted an ambush against the 4th Division, killing 20 SAA troops in the process. However, a military source based in Damascus insisted there was no ambush and that the entire incident was fabricated to justify the loss of territory.

The Al-Masdar News source also said that rebel factions are left with no option but to capitulate entirely or face utter annihilation.

Over 200 insurgents have been killed since the SAA began its Al-Qaboun offensive.

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