Islamic Invitation Turkey
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Turkish Army escorted FSA Terrorists Continues to Invade more Territories in Northern Syria

14 March 2017 17:00


Turkish Army troops have occupied more land in the outskirts of the town of Arfin in Northern Aleppo, Kurdish media outlets claimed on Tuesday.

Hawar news reported that the Turkish soldiers have occupied vast areas in Jaqleh village in Shieh region of Afrin.

The news website added that the Turkish snipers targeted a shepherd in Jaqleh village.

Media source said on Monday that the Turkish Army troops were forcing Arab citizens in Northern Syria to join the Ankara-backed militants of the Euphrates Shield Operation, killing those who do not obey.

Hawar news reported that the Turkish army killed four civilians in the villages of Kari Sabi town in Northern Syria after they refused to join the Euphrates Shield Operation forces.

Hawar new went on to say that the Turkish soldiers further left the body of the killed Syrian civilians at the border region between Rojava and Bakour in Syria’s Kurdistan.

The news website added that the Turkish army intended to send the four killed civilians via border to Rojava but it faced tough opposition by the civilians.

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