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Iraqi Forces Find ISIL Missile Depot in Western Mosul

16 March 2017 15:25


Iraqi forces said that over 20 ISIL missiles had been found in a Warehouse in Western Mosul, containg some missiles ISIL known to use them in attacks across Iraq.

The Counter Terrorism Services in al Somood neighbourhood in Southwest Mosul brought showed samples of the missiles found earlier in the old Industrial area, NRT reported.

Amid the combat, a steady stream of refugees trudged out of the Western districts, carrying suitcases, bottles of water and other possessions. Some pushed children and sick elderly relatives in handcarts and wheelbarrows.

Iraqi forces began the operation to retake western part of Mosul from ISIL on February 19. Government forces have recaptured several areas on the Southern outskirts of the city, including the international airport area, an army base, and several neighborhoods on Euphrates’ Western bank.

The Iraqi government forces now hold three of the five bridges crossing the Tigris river which bisects Mosul.

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