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Cleric: JCPOA proves US is not trustworthy

17 March 2017 16:29


Substitute Friday Prayers Leader of Tehran, Ayatollah Mohammad-Ali Movahedi Kermani, says, ‘The JCPOA proved the US cannot be trusted and is our enemy.”

Delivering his second Friday prayers sermon in Tehran’s Grand Prayers Ground on Friday, Ayatollah Kermani said all sanctions were to be lifted in six months but not only they were not eliminated, but also other sanctions were added to the list on vain security and human rights allegations.

“The US says let’s talk on regional issues; it’s surprising; how can one speak to the party, that does not adhere to its claims, commitments and promises?”

The US wants to take everything but give nothing, he noted.

The cleric expressed regret over human rights conditions in the world and said, “The UK foreign secretary with dark human rights record claims to be promoter of human rights in the world.”

He said, “Saudi Arabia declared Iran as major supporter of terrorism in the world, while it is killing civilians and children in Yemen every day.”

The Saudi foreign minister has claimed that Iran is seeking to annihilate the Saudi regime but they should know that the consequence of their oppressive measures will result in their annihilation, the official added.

He said the international bodies are silent towards genocide in Myanmar, Yemen and other parts of the world and the situation will discredit them.

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