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Aleppo: Syrian Army Completes Siege of Deir Hafer

24 March 2017 17:38


The Syrian army forces completed their siege over the strategic city of Deir Hafer, the ISIL’s most important base in Eastern Aleppo.

The army units started massive and heavy attacks against the terrorists in Deir Hafer region from the two Northern and Southern directions, and liberated the two towns of Jeni al-Salameh and Um al-Mara near Um Adaseh and Khalileh towns just to the East of Deir Hafer.

The ISIL is now fully besieged by the government forces from four sides in Deir Hafer after the army liberated Um Tineh village – just to the North-East of Deir Hafer – and the nearby areas.

Also, all supply routes of the terrorist group in the region have been blocked.

A military source said that the Syrian soldiers are on the verge of a complete victory and will soon capture Deir Hafer as ISIL’s defense lines are collapsing in the city.

On Thursday, the Syrian army had gained military control over Deir Hafer after winning back several towns and a strategic hill surrounding the city.

The Syrian army units engaged in heavy clashes with the ISIL terrorists and seized control of Laleh Mohammad, al-Akouleh, al-Ahmadiyeh and al-Kabariyeh towns and the strategic Tal al-Sous hill.

The army troops also deployed along the Aleppo-Raqqa road after winning control over Um Adaseh, Jafireh and Jafar Mansoul towns and fully cut the supply routes towards Deir Hafer from Maskaneh and other nearby towns.

During the operations, tens of ISIL terrorists were killed, 5 bomb-laden vehicles were destroyed and several vehicles carrying weapons and ammunition were seized by the army.

A military source reported yesterday that the Syrian army forces will soon enter Deir Hafer and start cleansing operations after besieging the city.

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