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Damascus: Army Earns Control of All Lost Areas in Northern Jobar

25 March 2017 14:25


The Syrian troops fended off a series of offensives by al-Nusra (Fatah al-Sham) Front terrorists to break the siege on their comrades in al-Ma’amel (plants) region and regained control of all occupied areas in Northern Jobar.

The Syrian army units smashed the last remaining bases and gathering centers of the terrorists in al-Ma’amel region in Northern Jobar and won back control of all points and blocks occupied by the terrorists between Jobar and al-Qaboun regions as well as the textile and weaving factories.

The victories were gained after heavy clashes with the terrorists.

The army’s artillery and missile units also targeted the militants’ positions near the textile and weaving factories with heavy fire.

On Friday, the Syrian soldiers had captured terrorist-occupied regions in Jobar district of Eastern Damascus and damaged an operation room of the militants.

The army troops won back control of a textile plant in the Northern parts of Jobar district after heavy clashes with al-Nusra Front terrorists.

Concurrently, the Syrian air force and artillery units targeted the terrorists’ positions with heavy strikes.

A field source also reported that the Syrian fighter jets pounded the operations room of Faylaq al-Rahman terrorist group in Jobar, killing all the militants inside.

Meantime, the Syrian soldiers targeted a terrorist base in Sadkoub region, inflicting at least 10 casualties on the militants.

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