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Iran dismisses Bahraini ‘lies’ against Tehran

27 March 2017 23:32

Iran says Bahrain had better stop suppressing freedom within its own border instead of throwing groundless accusations against the Islamic Republic. 

Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi made the remarks on Monday after Manama claimed to have uncovered a “terrorist” group linked to Tehran.

The spokesman called the accusation “a baseless and fruitless lie” saying it was a source of wonder that Bahraini authorities still insisted on repeating such claims against Iran.

“Instead of [playing] fruitless and repetitive blame games, Bahrain had better direct its efforts towards observing the rights of Bahraini citizens, ending crackdown and detention of intellectuals, and according freedom of speech to all the ranks within the Bahraini society,” he said.

The official advised Manama to work toward managing its domestic affairs in a “wiser, more tactful, and rational manner” and observe the principle of good neighborliness with the Islamic Republic.

The kingdom has been leading a ruthless crackdown against domestic dissent since 2011, killing scores of protesters with the help of Saudi Arabia.

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