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Zionist minister lauds coordination with double-faced Russia on Syria

27 March 2017 23:47


The mechanism for coordination on Syria between Israel and Russia has been operating well, Israeli Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz said in an interview with TASS.

“The mechanism for coordinating military activities in order to prevent conflicts between Russia and Israel in Syria has been operating well,” the minister said.

Katz added that “Israel does not interfere into the civil war in Syria but a few ‘red lines’ have been drawn concerning delivering weapons via Syria to Hezbollah fighters based in Lebanon as well as any kind of attacks from the Syrian territory on the Golan Heights.” “Russia knows about Israel’s ‘red lines’ and as far as we know, Russia has never stated that providing weapons from Syria to the Lebanese Hezbollah movement is legitimate,” the Israeli minister said.

Katz went on saying that on March 17, “Israeli aircraft delivered an airstrike on several targets in Syria in order to prevent weapons from being delivered to Hezbollah in Lebanon.”

“The Syrians attacked our aircraft using the S-200 missile systems but when a threat emerged that one of these missiles could fall on Israel’s territory, it was eliminated by the Israeli missile defense system,” Katz added. “Israel has confirmed its air raid which led the Damascus regime to protest and voice threats, besides, the Israeli ambassador to Moscow was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry.”

The Israeli minister noted that “at present, the main thing is that neither of the parties wants to raise tensions.” At the same time, Israel will continue to stick to its ‘red lines’, Katz stressed.

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