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ISIS in full-scale retreat on Aleppo-Raqqa highway

28 March 2017 18:13


Following the capture of Rasm Al-Khamis Al-Gharbi earlier in the day, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) pushed further eastwards and subsequently expelled ISIS militants from another village adjacent to the M4-Highway.

Moving ever closer to Jirah Airbase, the SAA’s elite Tiger Forces managed to wrestle control over the neighboring village of Rasm Al-Khamis Ash-Sharqi moments ago.

Despite ISIS insurgents planting mines along their entire line of retreat, clashes are now ongoing near the imperative village of Mahdum while government forces at set to enter the Maskanah Plains en route to Raqqa province.

Meanwhile, Kurdish forces have taken full control of Tabqa Dam and are set to encircle Tabqa city. The latter offensive has speed up the Islamic State’s gradual withdrawal from the Aleppo governorate despite the bulk of the Tiger Forces departing for Hama province.

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