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Syria: Hundreds of Gunmen, Family Members Leave Key District in Homs

28 March 2017 18:16


Local sources confirmed on Tuesday that over 500 gunmen that refused to join peace with the Syrian government have left a key district in Northwestern outskirts of Homs city along with their family members.

The sources said that 530 gunmen that had turned down the government’s peace offer left al-Wa’er district along with almost 1270 family members for Jarabalus town in Northern Aleppo.

They added that relocation of the second group of gunmen from al-Wa’er is now complete after the evacuation of 1,800 gunmen and their family members.

Local sources in Homs said on Monday that over 250 gunmen along with their family members were evacuated from al-Wa’er district in the Northwestern outskirts of Homs city in line with the peace agreement between the militants and the Syrian army.

The sources said that the second group of gunmen and their family members that refused to lay down arms to receive amnesty from the Syrian government left al-Wa’er district.

The sources added that 254 militants and 464 of their family members left al-Wa’er.

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