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Video- Hundreds of Mosul residents killed by US Airstrikes

28 March 2017 18:12


Internally Displaced People’s (IDP) who were forced to flee their homes in Mosul as US-led coalition airstrikes continue to pound ISIS described on Tuesday on what led them to escape the fighting and life at a camp on the city’s outskirts.

A woman shouted: “Help me God and tell me what to do. I can’t take it. I can’t. God is great. I can’t take it.”

A resident described the tactics employed by the terrorist fighters, which makes them susceptible to coalition airstrikes.

“We did not expect to survive. There were 9 families in a single room, and ISIS were shooting from our roof.”

Meanwhile, an exchange between a journalist and a camp resident is as follows:

Camp resident: “500 people were killed and cut down just in New Mosul.”

Journalist: “You mean killed by airstrikes?”

Camp resident: “Yes, so many airstrikes. So many airstrikes…”

The testimonies from the civilians demonstrates the intensity of the US-led airstrikes that has killed hundreds of civilians in the last month alone.

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