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Exclusive- The sham fight of Turkey against Europe and false elections

It will be naivete to think that the election in Turkey is different from the ones in Europe, USA and other similar countries. Although the people have found out that the elections in these countries are not real the governments of the mentioned countries have always declared the result of the participation to the elections high. It is very easy for the ones who use their mind that the result of the elections, even the speeches of campaign, and the roles of the rival parties are decided by zionist gathering-places. It is not the people who decide the percentega of the vote rate of a part. On the contrary it is those zionist gathering-palces who decide the result of the elections. Thus, the result of the elections never change anything. The result of the elections never hurt real enemies of that country. The result of the elections never damage the interests of USA in that country. If a party or a person is decided by USA, no one is able to change that decision even if that chosen person gets no votes. That is why it has been something normal for them to declare any results that is okay for them.

The participation to the elections never run in with the statements during or after the elections. You will remember the Turkish elections in Europe. The participation to those election was %8. They had to explain that result because they could not hide the truth in Europe. There is a Turkish proverb as “The part shows the whole”. It will not be difficult to say the same for the Turkish elections inside Turkey. The real participation to the elections can not be more than %10. There are some facts that anyone can conclude this truth easily. First, the people of Turkey who live abroad are more fanatics of their parties. Voting is very important for the Turks living abroad because they think election as a very important duty for themselves. You can accept the Turks, Kurds, etc living abroad as the most fanatic followers of AKP, MHP, CHP, HDP or any other parties. How can the result of participation of people of Turkey to the elections inside Turkey be over %10 while the participation to the election of the most fanatic ones living abroad is officially %8?

When there is a nationwide exam for 2 millions students in Turkey, there is a very big traffic chaos started at the very early time in the morning, but we have never seen anything like this during a 45 millions of voters in Turkey. We have never seen neither a traffic chaos nor huge crowds during any elections in Turkey. Cameras just focus on some certain points to present as if the participation to the elections were huge. It is obvious that a wise person can never accept the participation to the Turkey’s election as high. Elections are nothing for the zionist gathering-places because the winner is already decided. Before any elections of Turkey, there is always a presumption published by CIA and the presumption- actually the reality of election- always comes true. The real problem at this point is that when you think this theatre and its players as real. It is a play that is already written and decided. It is a play that defines the speeches of the players. It is the play that decides the result not the people. People are just the watchers in Turkey, Farnce, German, England or any other countries that are for USA, Israel. And then there are hundreds of media programs, election programs, debates, talks about that election to make people believe in that fake elections. The rival parties and their heads are allowed to swear to eachother and saying bad words for one another, which is the most important part of election campaign to make it more believable. The rival parties and their heads sometimes become very serious again to make people believe in elections or the results…

Given these realities, there is no functions of elections in the countries that are loyal to USA. It is obvious that USA is deciding the results of the elections. Thus, it is unnecessary, meaningless to debate which candidate or part is good or bad. Let’s get back to the points of elections of Turkey and Turkish people. Turkish government has done its best to make people pour in the streets for support of an open war on Syria, but all works, campaigns, talks, statements were in vain. They could not deceive people of Turkey. Turkey is well know for his anti-zionism and anti-americanism. Thus, the zionist gathering-palces allow their puppets to use the “ONE MINUTE” language against Europe or USA sometimes. It is important to consider the “One Minute”, “Oh Russia”, “Netherland Crisis”, “German Crisis”, etc events in the circle of the mentioned truth above.

After harsh criticism by Turkish people for the deal of Turkey-Israel, they created a new enemy in Europe to make people sleep for a while. When they see the anger of people of Turkey after a current serious economic crisis, they attacked European countries just to deceive people of Turkey and create a false image.

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