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Syrian Fighter Jets Launch Heavy Airstrikes on Terrorists’ Positions in Lattakia Province

30 March 2017 16:26


The Syrian Air Force carried out more than a dozen combat flights over terrorist groups’ positions in Northeastern Lattakia, inflicting major losses on the militants.

The warplanes targeted the terrorists’ concentration centers in Kabani town and its surroundings in the Kurds Mountain, killing and wounding a number of militants.

The fighter jets also pounded terrorists’ gathering centers during heavy night raids in the villages of Tafahia and Yunesiya located on an important supply route between Idlib and Lattakia near the Turkish border North of Lattakia.

The raids resulted in the destruction of a convoy of gunmen heading towards the Lattakia countryside near the Yunesiya crossing, destroying more than 10 SUVs with heavy machine guns loaded with weapons and ammunition.

In the meantime, unofficial reports said that the terrorist groups targeted the city of Jableh in Eastern Lattakia province with several Grad missiles that were intercepted by the air defense system at the Humeimim airbase and were destroyed in the sky near the city before hitting their targets.

Reports said in February that the Syrian army units opened fire on invading terrorists who were trying to attack the Syrian army’s military positions in the town of Kannisba, Hasan al-Rai mountain, Jabal Qaleh and Tal Rashv in the Northern parts of Lattakia, and forced them to retreat after inflicting many casualties on the militants.

The Syrian army also pounded the gathering centers and movements of the terrorist groups in the region and forced them to withdraw from the battlefield.

Meantime, an informed military source rejected the news reports released by the terrorists on inflicting heavy casualties on the Syrian soldiers, and said, “Terrorists have lost many of their comrades and withdrew from the region without any achievement.”

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