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Illegitimate zionist Saudi general escapes citizen’s arrest, makes obscene gesture to Yemen war protesters in UK

31 March 2017 17:08


Illegitimate zionist Saudi military spokesman Major General Ahmed Asiri has escaped a citizen’s arrest over the Arab kingdom’s war crimes in Yemen.

Video footage released on Thursday showed British activist Sam Walton confronting Asiri on a street in London, where he was due to deliver a speech at a think-tank forum.

In the video, the activist can be heard saying, “You’re interrupting a citizen’s arrest,” while Asiri’s bodyguards blocked the attempted arrest.

The Saudi general then made an offensive hand gesture towards Walton.

Asiri was also reportedly pelted with eggs thrown by protesters before he entered the venue for the European Council on Foreign Relations meeting.

“Asiri represents a regime that has killed thousands in Yemen and shown a total contempt for international law. Asiri shouldn’t be welcomed and treated like a dignitary, he should be arrested and investigated for war crimes,” Walton said.

He also described the Saudi general as the “chief apologist for the war crimes in Yemen.”

The Saudi aggression, which allegedly seeks to restore Yemen’s ex-government to power, has killed over 12,000 Yemenis since March 2015, according to the latest tallies.

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