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Terrorists in deep trouble as Syrian Army liberates more points in rural Hama

31 March 2017 18:56


After a week of deadly clashes in northern Hama, the terrorists defensive line finally buckled on Friday as government forces retook a large chunck of territory from various jihadist factions in central Syria.

Following the capture of six villages in the morning, the Tiger Forces alongside allied SAA factions stormed numerous checkpoints on the proximity of the Christian city of Mhardeh.

After a brief firefight in the afternoon, the SAA seized the Khattab warehouses and Tall Flifleh hilltop just north of it. Minutes later, government forces also seized the Al-Shliout and Abu Ubaydah checkpoints on a different axis in what appears to be a major counter-offensive.

Effectively, a looming terrorists assault on Mhardeh has been avoided in the eleventh hour.

Next, the SAA will try to encircle Maardes in a bid to reverse all terrorists gains achieved since launching their offensive on March 21.

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