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Battle for Hama heats up as Syrian Army troops advance north

10 April 2017 14:40


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), alongside their allies from the IRGC (Iranian troops) and Hezbollah, stormed the Northern Hama Plain on Monday morning, targeting the jihadist rebel defenses at the village of Ma’ardes.

Led by the Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army and their allies reportedly entered Ma’ardes this morning after a fierce battle with the jihadist rebels of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham and Jaysh Al-Nasr at the village’s eastern axis.

According to some local activists in the northern Hama region, the Syrian Arab Army has taken control of Ma’ardes, despite conflicting reports from pro-rebel media.

If Ma’ardes is once again recaptured by the Syrian Arab Army and their allies, they will be in position to strike the jihadist rebels at the key towns of Souran and Taybat Al-Imam.

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