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Hamas warns Abbas against adopting anti-Gaza stands

10 April 2017 11:17


The head of the Hamas-affiliated Change and Reform parliamentary bloc, Mahmoud al-Zahhar, warned the president of the Palestinian Authority (PA) Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday against taking any administrative or financial measures against the Gaza Strip and asked him to abide by the Cairo Reconciliation Agreement of 2011.

During a parliamentary protest organized at the Palestinian Legislative Council premises in Gaza, Zahhar demanded the PA president, whose term expired in 2009, to end his political career which led to losing the occupied Palestinian land and brought starvation and blockade to Gaza.

In a message to the PA in Ramallah, Zahhar demanded a fair distribution of the aid provided for the Palestinian people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

He warned of the international conspiracies waged against the Palestinian cause by local, international and Israeli parties to give up the Palestinian land and relinquish the Palestinian people’s rights.

MP Zahhar asked all Palestinian parliamentarians to work together to confront the conspiracy targeting Gaza and its resistance program and called on the Palestinian citizens in Gaza and the West Bank to expose collaborators.

He advised the PA government to backtrack on its decision of imposing salary cuts on the PA employees in Gaza, calling on the latter to return to work to serve their people.

In the same context, MP Mohammed al-Ghoul, the chairman of the PLC legal committee, said during his speech on behalf of the PLC first deputy speaker, Ahmad Bahar, that the PA government’s decision to deduct 30% of the salaries of the PA employees in Gaza falls in line with a series of measures aimed at tightening the blockade on Gaza.

MP Goul stressed that the latest decisions issued by the PA government led by Rami Hamdallah came in full coordination with Abbas and considered them as a flagrant violation of human rights principles.

He affirmed that Hamdallah was not constitutionally assigned to his position, which makes the PA government illegitimate in accordance with the Palestinian law, and added that the PA government’s monopoly of the public money is a blatant infringement of the political power.

The Palestinian MP emphasized that Abbas’s insistence on violating the Palestinian law, refusing to leave his position despite the fact that his constitutional term ended long time ago, and collaborating with the Israeli occupation either through the security coordination or through tightening the blockade imposed in the Gaza Strip are ongoing crimes that require holding him accountable before Palestinian courts.


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