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Hezbollah: Fight against terrorism in Syria to go on

10 April 2017 11:15


A senior member of Lebanon Hezbollah insisted that US recent attack on Syria would not influence the group’s positions and its fight against terrorsists.

Sheikh Nabil Qavouk, a member of Hezbollah political bureau said that the US failed to make Syria surrender or change Hezbollah and Iran’s positions and military equations on the ground, so it attacked Syria.

He maintained the best response to this aggresstion is that the war goes on untill eradication of Daesh (ISIS) and Al Nusra Front terror groups.

The US with dozens of cruise missiles attacked an airbase in Syria on Thursday night. It claimed that the attack, which was conducted without UN authorization, was a response to the alleged chemical attack in Idlib. Syrian army has denied any use of chemical weapons.

“The attack was Israel’s demand and aim, and was conducted by its fund and encouragement”, Qavouk said, speaking Sunday night in commemoration of the prominent Lebanese religious scientist late Sheikh Hassan Mohamad Nasrollah.

“The Saudis urge and incite the US to continue the aggression in Syria, and now that the veils are lifted, the same people who incited Israel in 2006 to attack Lebanon, are encouraging the US to do the same against Syria. We have not forgotten that Saudi Arabia had betted on our defeat and was inciting Israel to destroy Bint Jabil and Southern Beirut suburbs. The Saudis’ positions are the same without any change.”

He concluded that Saudi Arabia, Israel, the US and the terrorist groups like Daesh and al Nusra Front are all in the same side fighting against “the defiant Syria”.

Qavouk added that “Hezbollah will continue the fight, given the fact that it was combating the Daesh and Al Nusra Front before the US aggression in Syria; time will tell, and the victory belongs to us.’

Calling the US aggression a direct threat against Lebanon sovereignty, he said that Hezbollah has the capability to confront the Zionist regime in the southern borders of Lebanon.

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