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More Civilians Killed, Wounded in US-Led Coalition Airstrikes in Northeastern Syria

10 April 2017 15:13


A sum of 15 civilians were killed and wounded in the US-led coalition air raids in Raqqa and al-Tabaqa cities, local sources said.

The sources said that the warplanes targeted al-Ferdows neighborhood near the White Garden region in ISIL-held Raqqa city, killing two civilians and wounding four more.

In the meantime, the coalition fighter jets pounded al-Sina’ah region, Garage Bazaar and al-Monqiyeh neighborhood in the city of al-Tabaqa (55km West of Raqqa city), killing a 3-member family and injuring six of their relatives.

Media sources said on Sunday that a woman and her six children were killed after their boat moving across the Euphrates River came under the US-led coalition air raid in Western Raqqa.

The Arabic desk of RT reported that residents of Sho’ayb al-Zekr village West of al-Tabaqa city found bodies of the seven-member family whose boat was targeted and sunk in the Euphrates River as it was moving towards regions controlled by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Other sources added that the mother and her six children were killed after their boat sank near Debsi Faraj village West of al-Tabaqa.

Meantime, media activists also reported that another boat carrying over 40 people, mostly women and children, that had left ISIL-held regions near Debsi Faraj for SDF-controlled region was also targeted and sank.

There is yet no report on the fate of those ferrying across the river on the boat.

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