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Map Update: Syrian Army inches closer to recapture ISIS stronghold in the Syrian Desert

12 April 2017 9:55


The self-proclaimed Islamic State has come under serious pressure in Syria as the government forces continue to recapture more territories in the Syrian Desert.

The government troops, spearheaded by the Russian-trained 5th Legion, fought fierce battles against the terror organization in east Homs to control the strategic Abtar Mountain chains.

Aided effectively by Russian and Syrian airstrikes, the forces secured the east parts of the mountain range.

The Abtar Mountain retains a highly-strategic importance as it overlooks the ISIS-held Khnifiss; located a few kilometers to the southwest of Palmyra.

It is highly expected that the Syrian Army will make every effort possible to expand its control in the gas-rich area around Palmyra, in order to revive its already-deteriorated economy.



Source: AMN


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