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Iran DM Hits back at US’ Mattis: “Cowboy Era Has Gone”

20 April 2017 11:20


Iranian Defense Minister hit back at US Defense Secretary James Mattis by saying that the cowboy era has gone, noting that the -Wahhabi terrorists are committing crimes all across the world with US-made weapons and ammunition.

I advise Mr. Mattis to study the military adventures of the previous US governments in Vietnam, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan and recently in Syria and Yemen and the long and shameful records of war crimes committed there by US forces so that he will begin to understand the roots of his current blame games and baseless accusations,” Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehghan said late on Wednesday.

During a visit to Saudi Arabia earlier on Wednesday, Mattis said “there is disorder wherever Iran is presented.”

“The cowboy era has long passed. Mr. Mattis and the so-called American strategists should know that the era of gunfights, accusations, and interventions from a self-righteous position has long passed, and the remarks by the US Secretary of Defense is just a game of switching the place of the defendant with the pretender,” Dehghan added.

“It is advisable that American leaders only seek to settle their own internal issues and stop creating new crises and escalating conflicts in Korea and the Middle East,” the Iranian DM said.


Source: Mehr News Agency

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