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Iran DM strikes back at Satanic US Defense Secretary’s statement

20 April 2017 11:13


Iranian Defense Minister, Brigadier General Hussein Dahqan, issued a response on late Wednesday to the U.S. Secretary of Defense’s allegations that Iran was behind most of the Middle East’s problems.

“Today, Takfiri-Wahhabi terrorists are committing crimes in various parts of the world, in Syria and Iraq in particular, using US-made weapons and munitions,” Dehqan said on Wednesday, as quoted by the Tasnim News Agency.

General Dahqan’s comments made in response to Jim Mattis’ allegations that Houthi fighters in Yemen were using “Iranian-made missiles” against the Saudi-backed forces in Yemen.

“He (Mattis) and other so-called strategist leaders of the US should be aware that the era of bullying, blame games and interference from a self-righteous position is over…,” Dehqan went on to say.

Mattis also accused the Iranians of sponsoring terrorism in the region, citing Hezbollah’s presence in Syria as an example.

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