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Terrorists suffer more setbacks in Hama as Syrian Army, Hezbollah seize Tal Nasriyah

22 April 2017 20:28


The jihadist rebels are having a rough day in the northern countryside of Hama today, as they concede several sites to the swarming Syrian Armed Forces near the key town of Halfaya.

Minutes ago, the Syrian Arab Army’s elite Tiger Forces, alongside Hezbollah and the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP), imposed full control over the large hilltop of Tal Nasriyah, which overlooks Halfaya from its eastern axis.

With Tal Nasriyah under their control, the Syrian Arab Army will be able to impose its will on Halfaya’s eastern axis, while Russian airstrikes weaken the western flank of the town.


The Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah are now attacking the Al-Zouar Farms, which can be seen from Tal Nasriyah; this site should fall to the government forces in the coming hours as the jihadists continue to retreat.

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