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Terrorist Groups Suffer Heavy Casualties in Syrian Army Advances in Northern Hama

25 April 2017 17:16


Terrorist groups lost tens of fighters and their military equipment sustained major damage in the Syrian Army troops’ operations in Northern Hama and liberation of three key settlements.

A sum of 300 terrorists were killed and many more were wounded in the army attack on the settlements of al-Masaseneh, Zour al-Hiseh and Zour al-Tibeh in Northern Hama.

In the meantime, 20 military vehicles, two tanks and two arms and ammunition depots of the terrorists were destroyed in the operations.

Local sources said that terrorist groups have lost thousands of fighters and hundred of their members have been injured in the army’s operation in Northern Hama that has so far ended in the liberation tens of villages and settlements.

Reports said also that top Commander of Ajnad Al-Sham Ali Ahmad Al-Abboud was reportedly killed during clashes with the Syrian Army in Northern Hama on Monday.

Also, the army forces struck Al-Nusra’s positions in Northern Hama on Monday and captured al-Zalaqiyat region after hours of non-stop battle, killing and wounding a number of militants.

A military source said al-Zalaqiyat region was home to the terrorists’ artillery and mortar units to target the army position, underlining the importance of the victory for the pro-government forces.

The source further added that the army would continue its operation in the triangle of al-Latamina-Kafr Zita- Morek to restore full security to the Northern territories of Hama.

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