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Syrian army bombed terrorists’ tunnel in NE Damascus: 17 terrorist killed

26 April 2017 8:19


At least 17 terrorists were literally buried under rubble as the Syrian Army detonated a tunnel in the northeastern neighborhood of al-Qaboun.

According to a military source, Army units were capable of spotting a huge tunnel connecting the north and south of the terrorist-controlled neighborhood, used by the Islamist militants for safe deployment between battlefronts and transfer of ammunition and equipment.

The government troops blew up the tunnel with 17 rebels inside – of which 11 of them are from the Syrian al-Qaeda Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, 6 from Faylaq al-Sham.

All of the terrorists were immediately killed in the blast while the Army managed to pull out 2 corpses so far.

The Syrian troops have been making a steady advance inside the key terrorist bastion, eliminating scores of rebels in the process and capturing many alive.

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