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Tens of Saudi Mercenaries Killed in Yemeni Army Operations in Marib

28 April 2017 11:54


Tens of Saudi-backed forces were killed in Yemeni army and popular committees’ operations in Marib province, a military source said.

The source said that Saudi Colonel Abdullah al-Rashidi and 7 forces loyal to fugitive president Mansour Hadi were killed by the Yemeni soldiers in Seravah region of Marib.

Also a large number of Saudi-backed mercenaries were killed in Wadi al-Rabi’a and Koufal and al-Mokhaddara bases in Seravah region.

A source said that 10 other forces loyal to Hadi were also killed in other regions of Marib.

According to the source, the Yemeni army and popular committees’ missile and artillery attacks in al-Sodais base and near al-Tal’a base in Najran province also left a number of Saudi forces dead and wounded.

Reports said earlier this month that the Yemeni army forces in joint operation with the popular forces killed 384 elements of the Saudi-led forces in the month of April alone.

The death toll includes Sudanese mercenaries, soldiers of the Saudi-led coalition and the local Yemeni troops fighting on behalf of Hadi.

In addition, 1029 Saudi-backed troops suffered injuries and wounds, roughly half of which were defined as critical. Meanwhile, 10 troops were taken captive by the popular forces while the latter destroyed a total of 27 armored vehicles.

The source did not specify the casualties among the forces og the Yemeni army and the popular committees fighting in support of the government which controls the Yemeni capital in September, 2014.

Meanwhile, attacks by the Yemeni Army and popular forces continue to plague three Southern provinces of Saudi Arabia, as the ongoing clashes in Yemen are specially intense in Taiz, Marib, and Bayda at the moment.

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