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ISIS suicide bombers attack in vain as Iraqi Army liberates another suburb in Mosul

7 May 2017 23:50


Due to new advances on Sunday, around 95% of Mosul city was brought under Iraqi Army control while ISIS insurgents remain bogged down in the northwestern sector, facing certain death.

In the late afternoon, the Rapid Response Units and Iraqi Federal Police captured the Al-Harmat neighborhood in western Mosul in a joint counter-insurgency operation.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi Army continued to evacuate civilians from from the Musherifa district in northwestern Mosul while a ferocious battle too place near the Al-Harmat area, resulting in the death of 38 ISIS fighters and destruction of 8 car bombs.

Two of the suicide bombers were caught on camera by Amaq Agency:

For the past month, the Iraqi Armed Forces have struggled to break through ISIS’ defensive line in the densely populated Old City neighborhood due to its narrow streets, seemingly favoring the insurgent type of urban warfare.

Effectively, the Iraqi commanders have refocused on the northwestern and western axis, steadily gaining ground and systematically reducing the ISIS pocket. In fact, government troops are storming the ’30th Tamouz neighborhood’ as we speak.

In related news, elements of the Iraqi Army’s 16th Division crossed the Tigris River after finishing operations against ISIS sleeper cells on the eastern bank of Mosul city.

Now, these contingents will join the 9th Division, Rapid Response Units, Federal Police and other army factions in the final phase of the battle for Mosul.

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