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Syrian Army Makes Fresh Gains in Battle with Terrorists along Damascus-Baghdad Highway

9 May 2017 17:20


The Syrian Army troops launched a fresh round of anti-terrorism operations in Southeastern Damascus and managed to advances against the terrorists of the Free Syria Army (FSA) along the key highway that connects Damascus to the Iraqi capital of Baghdad.

The army soldiers stormed FSA’s defense lines along Damascus-Baghdad highway and took back control over al-Saba’a al-Bayar region and several more positions.

The army men continued their operation from al-Saba’a al-Bayar and managed to recapture Zaza checkpoint, while other units of the army targeted FSA’s concentration centers near the strategic al-Sabihiyeh mountain.

Relevant reports said on Monday that the army soldiers launched a heavy attack on ISIL terrorists’ defense lines in Southern Homs and captured al-Sabihiyeh mountain that overlooks a main road connecting Palmyra to Northern Damascus and another road connecting Palmyra to Iraq.

Military sources reported that after taking back al-Sabihiyeh mountain, the army soldiers took military control over a strategic chunk of the Palmyra-Damascus road and Palmyra-Iraq road.

The sources further said that the strategic chunk of the road was used by the terrorists to attack al-Seen airbase in Northern Damascus, adding that imposing control over the road has now closed off terrorists’ only way to Northern Damascus and al-Seen military airport.

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