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Syrian Army, Palestinian militia dislodge ISIS from strategic town in east Aleppo

10 May 2017 20:15


Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and allied forces scored their first advance in the eastern Aleppo countryside since restarting their offensive in the region, ultimately looking to expel the Islamic State from its last foothold in the governorate.

Led by the SAA’s Tiger Forces, Liwa Al-Quds (Palestinian paramilitary) and Al-Baqir tribal fighters advanced on Jirah Airbase, imposing full control over Al-Mahdoum following a morning battle with ISIS insurgents.

This small town is located on the Aleppo-Raqqa M4 highway and represents a gateway into the ISIS-held Maskanah Plains.

Due to the advance, SAA contingents have Jirah Airbase flanked from three sides while commander-in-chief Suheil Al-Hassan hopes to capture the heavily fortified airport without a fight by leaving ISIS no option but to retreat of face certain death.

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