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Terrorists Surprised at Syrian Army’s Powerful Military Vehicles in Eastern Damascus

12 May 2017 11:41


The Syrian army is using amazing military vehicles against the terrorists in al-Qaboun region of Eastern Damascus which enjoy a high power.

According to the Russian-language Vestnik Mordovia newspaper, the army is in possession of bulldozers and military AMR-2 vehicles to remove barriers created by the terrorists in al-Qaboun region. The vehicles have been equipped for battle and combat.

Based on the report, the terrorists have failed to damage the military vehicles while the armored bulldozers and the military vehicles can destroy the militants’ positions and strongholds, “and this has lowered the terrorists’ morale”.

Relevant reports said in March that the Syrian army has optimized its T-72 battlefield tanks to resist against anti-tank missiles.

Diyana Mikhailov, a military expert, said that the T-72 tank merely sustained some small damage during a test, adding that the optimization process was successful.

The Syrian army had deployed the Russian T-90 tanks against the terrorists in Aleppo Front in Northern Syria in February 2016 after the T-72 tanks failed to resist against the terrorists’ anti-tank missiles.

The T-90 and its outstanding capability to destroy incoming TOW and M79 missiles appears to be perfect for a theater of war like the one in Syria.

In 4 and a half years of conflict, more than 9,000 BGM-71E3B TOW and M79 anti-tank systems have been introduced in the country. Their capability to easily penetrate T-55 and T-72 tanks was the main reason why the Syrian Arab Army has had so many problems gaining ground in Aleppo province prior to using T-90 tanks.

Now, after optimization process, the Syrian army troops will be able to use the T-72 tanks again.

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