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New batch of Hamas prisoners join mass hunger strike

15 May 2017 21:20


The Hamas supreme leadership body in Israeli jails announced on Sunday that a new batch of Hamas prisoners along with other prisoners from various factions will join the Freedom and Dignity hunger strike.

The Hamas leadership affirmed that this move contributes to a greater support for the hunger strike, adding that the prisoners’ determination will never be broken and that they will win this battle just as they did in the Dignity strike in 2012.

They called for launching mass demonstrations and expanding the solidarity campaigns on Monday on the anniversary of the 1948 Nakba in support for the Palestinian cause and the hunger-striking prisoners as well.

The Hamas leadership called on all parties to shoulder their responsibilities toward the prisoners whose lives are in real danger and announced Wednesday, which marks the 30th day of the strike, a day of escalation against the Israeli occupation by all available means.

They warned the Palestinian people against circulating Israeli rumors and baseless news that are aimed at discouraging the prisoners and weakening their morale.

Nearly 1,500 Palestinian prisoners started the Freedom and Dignity hunger strike on 17th April 2017 on the Palestinian Prisoner Day in demand for their basic rights which were withdrawn by the Israel Prison Service and which they had clinched in previous strikes.

The strikers’ demands revolve around ending the policies of administrative detention, solitary confinement and medical negligence and allowing regular family visits as well as other basic and legitimate demands.

Since the beginning of the strike, the Hamas supreme leadership announced their full support for the strike. On 5th May 2017, new Hamas leaders in Israeli jails joined the battle.

6,500 Palestinian prisoners are currently held in Israeli jails, including 51 women, 300 children, 500 administrative detainees and 1,800 sick prisoners.


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