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ISIL massacres civilians after failed offensive in east Hama

18 May 2017 16:44


The Islamic State (ISIL) attacked a number of checkpoints in the eastern countryside of Hama, yesterday, targeting the positions of the pro-government “National Defense Forces” (NDF) near the key town of ‘Aqarib.

ISIL’s abrupt attack managed to catch the NDF units positioned around ‘Aqarib off-guard, resulting in the capture of at least four points from the aforementioned government militia.

However, the Islamic State’s success would only last for a short period of time, as reinforcements from the National Defense Forces in the large city of Salamiyah arrived near ‘Aqarib to help drive back the terrorist infiltrators.

Sadly, before the terrorist group left the ‘Aqarib area, they massacred at least 9 civilians and left another 14 severely wounded after they opened fire on villagers.

The National Defense Forces would later recover all of their lost points near Aqarib, but not in time to save the civilians trapped behind the Islamic State’s lines.


Source: AMN

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