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Bahrainis protest zionist Khalifa regieme in support of Shia cleric Sheikh Qassim

20 May 2017 12:08


People in Bahrain have poured onto the streets of the northern village of Abu Saiba to express their solidarity with prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Isa Qassim ahead of his trial by the regime.

Demonstrators carried posters bearing the pictures of Sheikh Qassim during the march on Friday, urging the Manama regime to end its persecution of the clergyman and other pro-democracy activists in the country.

Qassim, the spiritual leader of Bahrain’s dissolved opposition bloc the al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, was stripped of his nationality last June over accusations that he used his position to serve foreign interests and promote sectarianism and violence.

The cleric, who is in his mid-70s, has denied the allegations. He faces up to 15 years imprisonment if convicted, however. His trial will begin on Sunday.

The village of Diraz, where Qassim’s home is situated, has witnessed numerous sit-ins in solidarity with him.

Bahrainis to gather in mosques on eve of Qassim’s trial

In a relevant development on Friday, Bahraini scholars called on citizens to gather in mosques across on the country on the eve of Qassim’s trial.

“Be prepared, for any moment, a religious appeal is issued in the event of any unjust judgment [against Sheikh Qassim],” the scholars said in a statement.

They further voiced hope that “all the mosques of Bahrain in all areas [would] be filled with men and women” on the eve of Qassim’s trial.

Bahrain’s tyranny and its insistence on Qassim’s trial had strengthened the people’s resolve to oppose the regime, they added.


Bahrain has been the scene of anti-regime protests on an almost daily basis ever since a popular uprising began in the country in February 2011.

People have been demanding that the Al Khalifah dynasty relinquish power and let a just system representing all Bahrainis be established.

Scores of people have been killed and hundreds of others wounded or detained amid Manama’s crackdown on dissent and widespread discrimination against Bahrain’s Shia majority.

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