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Lebanese, Iraqi Popular Forces to Assist Syrian Army to Restore Security to Damascus-Baghdad Road

21 May 2017 22:49


Hundreds of the Lebanese Hezbollah and Iraqi fighters have poured into the Southeastern countryside of Damascus in the last ten days, taking up positions alongside the Syrian Army troops and their allies, media sources said.

The AMN reported that the Iraqi fighters, comprised of forces from the Popular Mobilization Units (Hashd Al-Shaabi), greatly outnumber the Hezbollah forces in Southern Syria.

It added that similar to Hezbollah’s field operations along the Lebanese border since 2013, the Iraqi paramilitaries are poised to not only secure the Baghdad-Damascus Highway, but also, seal the border to the terrorists.

Elements of the Popular Mobilization Units have been inside Syria for 15 months, with the initial forces deployed to Damascus (Sayyida Zaynab area), Aleppo, and Deir Ezzur.

The Popular Mobilization Units will now have much more responsibility inside Syria, as the government in Damascus hopes their participation will help eliminate the last remnants of ISIL terrorists inside the country.

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