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Iran’s soft power obscures Trump regional visit

23 May 2017 16:51


The Iranian Minister of Justice Mostafa Pourmohammadi said on Tuesday that Iran’s soft power overshone the US president’s much trumpeted first trip to the region.

“Many political analysts believe that Iran’s May 19 presidential election is the fruit of the country’s soft power,” Pourmohammadi said noting that the determining presidential election in Iran has overshadowed Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia where he signed US biggest arms deal with the Saudi rulers.

In his first overseas trip as the US president, Trump visited Saudi Arabia on May 20-22 and succeeded to, as the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif put it, “milk” Saudi rulers for hundreds of billions of petrodollars inking a $110bn arms deal which was part of the biggest trade and arms deal in the US history worth $350bn (£270bn).

During g Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia, Pourmohammadi said while addressing a gathering at the National Library, the biggest commercial and munitions contracts were signed, but the “Iranians glorious election outshined or at least was level with reports of Trump’s visit” as well as the presence of some 50 Muslim Arab countries leaders in Riyadh.

The minister added that Iran has become a leading country in using its soft power strength

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