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Syrian Army Operation in Eastern Aleppo Inflicts Major Losses on ISIL

23 May 2017 16:20


Military sources in Eastern Aleppo confirmed that tens of regions, villages and towns have been liberated in a fresh round of the Syrian Army operation that has also inflicted major losses on ISIL terrorists.

The sources said that after a several-week halt and after the liberation of approximately 200 towns and villages in Eastern Aleppo in the previous round of the army operation in Eastern Aleppo, the pro-government forces’ fresh operation has thus far been successful started to spread.

They added that the army has driven ISIL out of a number of villages, farms, towns and regions, killing a large number of terrorists and destroying their military vehicles.

Another military source also said that the army has managed to recapture tens of towns and villages as they started their operation to oust ISIL from Eastern Aleppo.

He added that, in the course of the military operation, pro-government forces have killed nearly 200 ISIL militants and destroyed at least 30 armored vehicles.

“Libation of Jarah airbase was a heavy blow to the ISIL,” the source said, adding, “Arrival of hundreds of fresh army forces in Aleppo has accelerated toe domino of ISIL’s collapse in the province.”

“The army troops will soon reach the town of Maskana that is considered as the last bastion of ISIL in Aleppo province, whose recapture by the army men will practically end ISIL’s presence in the province,” the source underlined.

On Monday, the army units deployed in the town of al-Mazyouneh stormed ISIL’s defense lines and managed to take control over the village of al-Samjaliyeh.

The army men continued their advances in the battlefield and drove ISIL out of al-Khazim Petrol Station along the Aleppo-Raqqa highway.

ISIL lost a number of fighters and retreated the remaining pockets of its forces towards the town of Maskana.

Military sources said that the army soldiers also pushed ISIL back from its positions and took control of Tal (hill) Fazeh.

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