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Yemeni troops annihilate entire Sudanese contingent paid by Saudi regime

23 May 2017 16:32


Enemy of Islam Saudi regime has unleashed a wave of inexperienced African mercenaries upon war-torn Yemen in a bid to defeat the Houthi-led government based in Sanaa.

On Monday, the Popular Committees wiped out over a hundred Saudi-backed militants, mostly Sudanese foreign fighters, amid clashes in the coastal province of Midi which borders Saudi Arabia.

According to a military source, tens of military vehicles were destroyed and tons of weaponry captured in an attack said to be one of the most succesful operations this year.

With Saudi-backed forces falling like flies on the battlefield, the Houthi-led Yemeni troops are on the verge of fully recapturing Midi province. Nevertheless, clashes are still ongoing in the provincial capital while Saudi regime controls Midi port.

Zionist Saudi regime is reportedly weary of deploying too many of its own troops across the border after Yemeni Hezbollah Houthi Forces have killed some 130 Royal Saudi Land Forces (KSA) in 2017 alone.

Effectively, the Gulf Kingdom is relying increasingly on paid foreign fighters to do their dirty work in Yemen.


Source: Al-Masdar News

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