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VIDEO: Impressive footage of March’s battle of Qomhana in north Hama

26 May 2017 16:12


Activists of “Qomhana News Network” published a 41-minute-long video footage depicting battle of Qomhana village in northern Hama countryside.

These events took plance on March 24-25 when jihadist militants of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham, Jaish Al-Izza and other islamist groups were conducting their large-scale offensive in the region.

Back then, militants reached Qomhana’s outskirts and commenced fierce assault in a bid to capture the village from Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

Had this jihadist attack resulted in Qomhana’s fall into their hands, they would have also imposed full control over strategic Zen Al-Abdeen mountain. This, in turn, would have created a direct threat to Hama Airbase.

However, thanks to steadfastness of SAA’s Tiger Forces, who were defending the village, jihadist onslaught was completely repelled and the battle of Qomhana became a turning point in the whole north Hama campaign which would eventually end with SAA reversing all jihadist gains and liquidating a long-standing salient in the frontline.

Jihadist forces were completely routed, with more than 1,000 militants killed in clashes and Jaish Al-Izza islamist group virtually eliminated.


Source: AMN

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