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VIDEO: Syrian Army liberates roads between Damascus, Palmyra

26 May 2017 16:34


Soldiers of Syrian Arab Army (SAA) successfully abolished squads of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL) near the village of Khunayfis in the Homs Province, Thursday, managing to reopen highways between the city of Palmyra and the Syrian capital.

The Syrian Arab Army managed to liberate, Thursday, Jabal Dali, Manqourah, Manqourah Quarries, Thunyat Wadha, Al-Anebah Triangle, and Khan Al-Anebah, following an intense battle with the Islamic State militants in this desert region of rural Homs.

These aforementioned sites were under the Islamic State’s control for more than two years, causing the Syrian government a significant number of problems northeast of the capital city.

With their latest advance in the eastern countryside of Homs, the Syrian Arab Army is quickly pressing the Islamic State’s last positions in the Qalamoun Mountains.


Source: AMN

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