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Ayatollah Khatami calls Arab NATO members ‘Servants of US’

27 May 2017 11:04


Addressing a huge gathering of worshippers here in Tehran on Friday, Khatami pointed to a recent visit to Saudi Arabia by Trump and said he has started a project to create a so-called “Arab NATO”.

He further said some Arab countries have disagreed with the formation of the Arab NATO, adding that such alliance would be an alliance comprised of “servants of the US not an Arab NATO”.

The cleric also pointed to the hostilities of the US and some Arab countries in the region toward Iran and said it has been 38 years since the Arab NATO has formed in practice, but it has not been able to make a move (against the Islamic Republic).

He went on to say that such moves would be to the detriment of the countries, adding that “the powerful Iran” will harshly respond to any wrongdoing.

In his recent tour of the Middle East, Trump sought to create the Arab equivalent of the NATO military alliance to help the Zionist regime of Israel and contain the Islamic Republic of Iran, according to political analysts.

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