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Iraqi Army storms last Mosul districts remaining under ISIS control

28 May 2017 22:43


On Saturday morning, Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) started a powerful assault on the last areas in West Mosul remaining under control of the so-called “Islamic State” (IS, formerly ISIL/ISIS).

According to Iraqi journalist Haidar Sumeri, government forces are simultaneously storming Al-Shafaa and Zanjili districts. Map below shows the exact location of them, with Shafaa marked blue and Zanjili marked red:


So far, significant progress has been made in Al-Shafaa district where ISF troops liberated the Third Bridge, Ibn Sina Hospital, Medical City and remnants of the International Hotel.

Meanwhile, RUPTLY’s correspondents visited the ISF operation room filming a report on planning and implementing the operation. ISF commanders observe the battlefield by means of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) controlled distantly from the operation room.

Two US military advisors can be seen on the video as well, studying map of West Mosul and discussing details of the ongoing operation.

Once Zanjili and Al-Shafaa districts are liberated, remaining IS jihadists will be pinned down in the densely built-up Old City.

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