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Syrian Army’s Multi-Front Operation to Lift ISIL’s Siege on Deir Ezzur Imminent

31 May 2017 15:07


Field sources reported on Wednesday that the Syrian Army troops are coordinating the last steps of a large-scale operation to storm ISIL’s defense lines through three directions to liberate the terrorist-held parts of Deir Ezzur city and its countryside.

The sources said that the army is about to launch a large-scale operation to lift ISIL’s siege of Deir Ezzur, adding that the plan of operation is ready and the forces and military equipment have been deployed in projected positions.

The sources further said that the Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance Movement has dispatched a number of its forces and field commanders to Deir Ezzur, adding that Hezbollah fighters are to shake hands with other pro-government forces that will start their operation towards Deir Ezzur from Palmyra city in Homs province.

The sources said that the army troops are to start their operation from Palmyra towards the strategic town of al-Sukhnah with the aerial back up of the Syrian and Russian fighter jets in order to move towards Deir Ezzur after liberation of al-Sukhnah.

In the meantime, another military operation will be launched from inside Deir Ezzur city Westward to join the army soldiers that will arrirve in the region from Palmyra front.

Simultaneous with the joint operation of the army men and their popular allies through three fronts in Deir Ezzur, the Iraqi popular forces of Hashd al-Shaabi will kick off an operation in the deserts of Anbar province in Western Iraq near the border with Deir Ezzur to weaken terrorists’ defense abilities and accelerate collapse of ISIL.

Military sources said on Tuesday that the army soldiers, backed up by the country’s Air Force, engaged in a fresh round of clashes with ISIL in near Palmyra city and seized control over Mount al-Mostadireh 20km away from Palmyra.

They added that the army aircraft, meantime, carried out several combat flights over ISIL’s positions, supply lines and movements in al-Talileh, Station 3 and around the town of al-Sukhneh in Badiyeh (desert) of Palmyra, inflicting major losses on the militants.

The sources further said that the army planed to move from Mount al-Mostadireh towards Arak oilfield a few kilometers away.

They added that the main objective of the army operation in Eastern Homs was winning control over the town and the region of al-Shukhna that was seen as a main gate to Deir Ezzur province to lift ISIL’s siege on Deir Ezzur city and airbase.

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