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LATEST MAP: Complete map of Syria War: June 1st

1 June 2017 17:37

The Syrian War has seen drastic changes on the battlefield over the last two months, as both the Islamic State (ISIL) and jihadist rebels suffer major territorial setbacks at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

In particular, the jihadist rebels have lost Barzeh, Al-Qaboun, and Tishreen to the Syrian Arab Army after month long battle in April; these were the last east Damascus districts under their control.

Meanwhile, in southern Damascus, the jihadist rebels of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham have agreed to preliminary terms that would see them surrender their positions to the Syrian government in the Yarmouk Camp District.

Southeast of the capital, the Syrian Arab Army has taken control of large portions of the Badiya region, putting them in position to strike the Free Syrian Army’s (FSA) last defenses near the Iraqi border.

In addition to their assault on the Badiya region, the Syrian Arab Army has also made significant headway south of Palmyra, liberating a large portion of the territory held by Islamic State forces.

Not to be outdone, the Syrian Democratic Forces have reached the gates of Raqqa City after a long operation to expel the Islamic State militants from much of the province.

West of Al-Raqqa, the Syrian Arab Army’s “Tiger Forces” are on the verge of expelling the Islamic State from the Aleppo Governorate after advancing to the terrorist group’s last stronghold.

With the Islamic State’s recent string of defeats across the country, the month of June could mark the end of their reign over Raqqa City.


Source: AMN

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