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Iraqi forces capture new Syrian border-crossing

2 June 2017 19:02


The pro-government Popular Mobilization Units (Hashd Al-Sha’abi) continued their large-scale offensive in the western countryside of Mosul, Friday, liberating a new border-crossing that leads into Syria’s Al-Hasakah Governorate.

According to the Iraqi Joint Command, the Popular Mobilization Units liberated the village of Jayar Ghalfas after a fierce battle with the Islamic State (ISIL) forces near the key town of Baaj in northwest Iraq.

With today’s liberation of Jayaf Ghalfas, the Iraqi Armed Forces are now in control of a new Syrian border-crossing and on the fringes of Baaj.

Once Baaj is liberated from the Islamic State, the Iraqi Armed Forces will be able to push further south along the Syrian border towards the strategic town of Al-Qa’im, which is one of the terrorist group’s last strongholds in the Al-Anbar Governorate.

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