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ISIS in big trouble as Iraqi troops liberate more sites on the border with Syria

2 June 2017 10:49


The Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) are taking a heavy toll on the Islamic State after bringing their desert warfare expertise, commanded by Haider Al-Ameri, to deadly effect in western Nineveh.

Targeting an ISIS-held area south of Al-Ba’aj, the PMU were able to wrestle control over the village of Al-Khibra on Thursday morning. Later on, the Iraqi contingents also took control of the nearby Al-Sakaar housing complex.

Meanwhile, the PMU leadership announced it would start operations to secure the entire border with Syria; if succesful, this major military endeavour would cut the regional caliphate in half and significantly hamper its logistics and maneuverability.

In addition, PMU chief Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandes announced that their forces would handover the entire border region to Syrian and Iraqi border guards once retaken.

With the PMU offensive heading southwards en route to the ISIS stronghold of Al-Qaim, the PMU meanwhile denied it had crossed into Syria and said it was building trenches and barriers along the border to withhold ISIS counter-attacks.

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