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Several Terrorists, Including Commanders, Killed in Roadside Blasts in Dara’a

2 June 2017 23:10


13 terrorists of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), including two field commanders of FSA division 46, were killed and several more were wounded in two roadside bomb blasts in Northern Dara’a, local sources reported.

Mohammad Yasin al-Nasre and 12 more terrorists of FSA were killed and several more were wounded in the explosion of two bombs along a road that connects the town of Kafr Shams and Aqraba, the sources said.

The sources added that Field Commander of FSA’s division 46 Ahmad Nayef al-Hossein from Qabaqeb region, Abdullah Hamzeh al-Sawah from Kafar Shams, Jahad Ayad al-Shahir from Kafr Shams, Ahmad Mohammad al-Zarqawi form Kafr Shams, Tamam Basem al-Qousani form Qiteh region, Talal Nabil al-Qousani from Qiteh, Mohamamd Ramadhan Qasam al-Qafari form Qiteh, Jebran Ahmad al-Mahawash from Quneitra, Ibrahim Anad al-Hamdan from Quneitra, Qasim Mohammad al-A’ar from Qunietra and Homam Yusif al-Rahil from Damascus were the FSA terrorists killed in the blasts.

No group has thus far claimed the responsibility for the blasts.

Relevant reports said on Thursday that another convoy of the Syrian army forces arrived in Dara’a province along with a large cargo of weapons and military equipment.

The fresh forces joined their comrades on Wednesday as the Syrian army had earlier dispatched two other convoys of soldiers to Dara’a.

Hundreds of Syrian forces and a large batch of military supplies were sent to Dara’a province as it seems that pro-gov’t forces were preparing to start a new anti-terrorism operation in the region.

According to military sources, the pro-government forces were in the preparation stage for a special operation to completely liberate the Dara’a city and recapture Jumrak border crossing to Jordan.

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